Black Daniels

IXL Noble Express+ x Victoria Bay

2005 Purebred

Black Stallion

Stud Fee: $2,500

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Owned by: Back in Black Breeding, LLC

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A Pedigree of Intense Excellence
A grandson of MHR Nobility –– one of the two or three most extraordinary Arabian park horses of all time –– Black Daniels epitomizes the best of Nobility, as an athlete and as a sire.
Bred by Roger and Linda Lervick, respected producers of quality Arabian horses since the 1970’s, Black Daniels carries the Polish/Crabbet cross that has long been sought after in the production of upright and willing, brave and intelligent performance horses.
Of primarily Polish heritage, Black Daniels embodies the strengths of his two great-grandsires on the topside of his pedigree –– 20th century imports *Elimar and *El Ghazi, two stallions rarely given proper credit for their importance.
An extraordinary English Performance Horse, Black Daniels could be highly competitive in the Breeding division, but even more importantly, he possesses all of the characteristics essential for the most successful breeding stallion. In a litany of superlatives, it can be said that Black Daniels is unquestionably beautiful, extraordinarily talented, truly athletic, remarkably kind, exceptionally well bred. AND, he is a prepotent sire who passes on –– with impressive regularity –– his own exceptional attributes.
Black Daniels has the conformation that is absolutely essential for the big trot. His high set neck is notably longer on the topside –– from ears to withers –– than it is on its underside. The long, snaky bridge behind the poll and above the throat latch enables and enhances the neck’s ultra-flex and swivel. His low hocks, and resulting positional angle, set his withers a good 4” above his hips, creating a motor in his hindquarter reminiscent of a big block Chevy from the 1960s. And the structure of his front end frees him to fly. The foundation beneath the beauty comes from correct, solid bone, good feet, correct angulation and strong joints, among other more esoteric attributes.
statistic from this year
Black Daniels made the National Horseman Top 35 in Purebred Sire Rankings for Living Stallions.
As of 2022 Black Daniels is 11th overall for sires of Purebreds and 13th overall for sires of Half-Arabians.
(Excerpt from an article by J.L. Hardesty published in the Arabian Horse Times)

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Foals sired by Black Daniels